14 February 2013

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  • Jenny, Marc Juul, Mark B, Bill, Eno



at sudo room

  • Lots of coaxial cable.
  • Some wireless routers that need to be checked for openwrt support.
  • 2 linksys routers which may be b0rked


  • One Motorola C155 with osmocom-bb
  • One USRP 1 software defined radio
WBX 50-2200 Mhz rx/tx
RFX2400 2.3-2.9 Ghz rx/tx



RONJA laser link

The RONJA project has 1.4 km range and 10 mbps full duplex. Material costs are about $100, but it's not clear if that is per node or per link (per two nodes). It does not use off-the-shelf hardware, so construction requires some work.

wifi routers


= parabolic

24 dBi for $26.40 expensive shipping when ordering only one though.

Firmware and routing algorithms

  • Should we use off the shelf firmware, how should we r00t our r0uters?
  • Commotion wireless uses OLSR, but the current nodes in the 510pen network use the batman-advanced.
  • Other projects like Project Byzantium (targetting laptops) use the Babel protocol.
  • Performance Evaluation of BATMAN, DSR, OLSR Routing Protocols - A Review Sandhu and Sharma 2012: http://www.ijetae.com/files/Volume2Issue1/IJETAE_0112_35.pdf
Maximum Number of nodes with Maximum Mobility: OLSR > BATMAN > DSR
Maximum Number of nodes with Maximum Packet length: OLSR > DSR > BATMAN

Currently, 510pen uses NG firmware extending OpenWRT with batman-adv

Action Items

  • Bill will look into OLSR and routing generally
  • Saturday node-repair field trip
    • jenny will ping beau
  • Bring things to set up a node at sudo room next week!
    • jenny will ping mark b :P
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