24 January 2013

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Max, Dannette, Marina, Tonya, Jenny, Larry, Tamao, Tony, Dennis

Topics of Discussion

  • Welcome
  • Review of work completed so far
  • Review of OpenOakland suggested projects
  • Discussion of focus and brainstorm other projects
  • Next Steps
  • Management

Review of work completed so far

The idea for this group formed from the Digital Divide session at the December 2012 City Camp. Participants in the session (and others) have been posting notes, thoughts, articles, links, and resources relating to the digital divide in Oakland to Oakland Wiki: http://oaklandwiki.org/Digital_Divide

OpenOakland Suggested Projects

OpenOakland Outreach/App Education

  • Educate the Community about OpenOakland and the Apps already developed.
    • are the apps accessible, useful, and training on how to use them?
    • Angela Woodall offered to do trainings on the apps at Tribune
  • Involve youth in developing the apps.

Support City of Oakland on Outreach and Engagement on City Online Resources

  • Work with Libraries and Community Centers to hold workshops

Tech Civic Participation and Advocacy Trainings

  • Educate community on how to use Social Media technology for Civic Participation

Work with OpenOakland Pledge to get Council to be Digitally Accountable to Constituents

Discussion and brainstorm of focus and projects

  • Re: OpenOakland Outreach: Part of the problem with educating about OpenOakland apps is that many of our target communities don’t have access to the tools to use them.
  • Ideas for projects:
    • Educate about resources available (ex: Libraries).
    • Donate-your-smartphone library.(we can load it with apps etc.).
    • Work with groups that are already working on digital divide issues in Oakland.
    • Oakland Technology Exchange West would be a great group to work with and could also use a website upgrade.
    • Linking companies with philanthropic arms to the community. VMWare (give away computers), Google.
    • Connect with local community resources that provide direct servces. Ex: private security in uptown, BACS (job training for seniors and people with disabilities), veterans associations.
    • There are a lot of technology programs that don’t provide good service (train them and then don’t provide jobs. Get graduates hooked up with people in tech, and they can network.).
    • While reaching out to the digital divide organizations, Create a list of services we can provide when we go to the organization.
    • Establishing more physical locations that allow people to engage with technology. There are two community technology centers in East Oakland. What are other centers where we can set-up computers? (ex: Churches, community centers, community colleges)
    • Take Field Trips and visit Oakland Resources. For example- Technology Exchange West. Swap meet. Underground computer industry. Refurbishing computers. Identify the ones in Oakland. *Definitely do this and update Wiki.
    • Design a poster that we can put up and educate the community about important resources, events or projects involving Digital Divide.
    • Alliance Building is Key. What space can this group fill in the ecosystem? Set-up just an Oakland Digital Divide Collaboration. Group has value even if all we do is become the central hub of all of the Digital Divide resources.
  • “City Camp”-style event specifically targeting low-income community. Teach them about adaptive technology (ex, spoken word instructions, etc.). Teach a practical skill. “Non-threatening” introduction to technology. Provide assistance completing online applications for jobs. Non-profit. School Factory.org or the Movement Strategy Center as possible Fiscal Sponsors.
    • What kind of follow-up would there be after an event like this?
  • Share example of positive case studies, programs that work, etc.
    • Connecting individuals to networks: Getting individuals who get A+ certification into tech networks.
    • Directory of tech meetups and events (check out http://calagator.org/ in Portland)

Next Steps

After brainstorming ideas we still weren’t sure which one the group would focus on. However we agreed that each of us will reach/research one group that is on the Digital Divide page and find out...

1. More information about what service they provide to the community.

2. What can we do to help them in their work?

3. Would they be interested in being a part of this Digital Divide Group?

  • (Q: When talking with these groups, how do we describe the benefit of joining the group?)
  • We also go on Field Trips to visit Oakland Resources. First trip will be to Oakland Technology Exchange West. Max volunteered to organize the Field Trip.


  • Currently Marina and Tonya are the co-coordinators Digital Divide Group. However we could use some help with some of the duties.
  • Jenny volunteered to do some administrative stuff: Take notes during the meeting, send out email reminders etc.
  • Max volunteered to organize field trips.
  • We also decided to meet bi-weekly, alternating Tuesdays at City Hall and Thursdays at Sudo Room.

Next scheduled meeting

  • Thursday, February 7th at Sudo Room
  • Tuesday, February 19th at City Hall
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