31 January 2013

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First 510pen Meeting!



Mark Burdett, Steve Dee, Jenny Ryan



  • Mark: Status update on 510pen network
    • To-do: Installs and tech support in East Oakland
  • Redesign Splash page – integrate OaklandWiki? Make the splash page editable- community bulletin board
  • Current splash page can be seen at https://510pen.org/splash
  • Hyperlocal- neighborhood specific splash page content
  • Jenny suggests field research to determine what people would like to see on the splash page
  • Steve from OpenGarden - http://opengarden.com/ - Awesome mesh network project: android, Windows, OS X app
  • Jenny: working on http://tidepools.co/ - Social wi-fi mobile mapping platform


Attend Open Oakland – tuesday meetups. Bring 510pen proposal/writeup 510pen should have a KML file of the network for integation w/ Tidepools

Action Items

Mark: organize 510pen mesh support taskforce. Steve and Jenny: Integrate opengarden and tidepools. Jenny: Talk to george about wifi mast on roof @sudoroom. Documents on Oakland open wi-fi: Eddan & Mark – need to make a list of names, dates, time periods, types of documents to request Talk to local groups re: Open wireless e.g. Internet Archive, Center for Media Justice

sudo room wiki page

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