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Jonathan and I met and planned out feature development for Tidepools to prepare for AMC and to do a test deployment in the DC office. Here's the schedule we've setup, which is basically Design Iterations through April 2013 and Development in May 2013. Our main concern is that there is a lot of development to do, so it'd be great to have a freelancer/intern/staff member to help in May.

The features are all here on the trello board in the 'Before June 2013' List but are as follows:

  • Table & Desktop Redesign
  • Timeline UX Design & Development
  • Mobile UX Design Framework & Development
  • Etherpad Integration for Landmarks
  • Landmark Embedding (Landmarks within Landmarks)
  • Rich Media Import (e.g. images & videos, from desktop & mobile - if time)
  • API integration model - Twitter, Commotion, AMC Conference schedule, Tumblr, Vimeo, Youtube, Soundcloud, Instagram


  • March 29th - Tidepools Website Redesign Design meeting
  • April 5th - Tidepools - API design checkin/critique - send for feedback out to broader team
  • April 18th - Tidepools Mobile Redesign & Timeline Review
  • April 25th - Tidepools Initial Desktop & Timeline Redesign Review
  • May 2nd - Tidepools Combined Design Review (Mobile & Desktop)

May deadlines forthcoming, closer to May!

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