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News about Tidepools: http://tidepools-oti.tumblr.com/tagged/news
''Current Activities(Get Involved!)''
*[http://wiki.tidepools.co/view/DevelopmentPlanning Tidepools Design & Development] - Spring 2013
*[http://wiki.tidepools.co/view/Mobile_Feedback Help with Mobile Design Feedback]
*[http://wiki.tidepools.co/view/UserResearch User Research]
*[https://github.com/opentechinstitute/TidePools/tree/lisa_search Search Feature Development]
*[https://github.com/opentechinstitute/TidePools/tree/sassify SASSifying Tidepools]
[http://tidepools-oti.tumblr.com/tagged/news Recent News about Tidepools] | [http://wiki.tidepools.co/view/Special:RecentChanges Recent Changes] | [https://github.com/opentechinstitute/TidePools Tidepools Code] | [http://tidepools.co Tidepools.co]

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Tidepools: Social WiFi Local Application Platform

Tidepools is a re-skinnable collaborative mobile mapping platform for gathering and sharing hyperlocal information and culture through expressive, community maps and data feeds, enabling greater connectivity and communication among neighbors and local organizations.

Tidepools bridges the digital and physical space of a neighborhood, storing its data on local servers and broadcasted over WiFi so it can run even without reliance on an Internet connection. It integrates location-specific civic data in situ, including real time transit notifications and community safety issues. Community members can share events, user-created map layers and landmarks, and other local temporal information, creating a historical geospatial community database.

Visually inspired by local artwork, this "Ushahidi" meets "The Sims" hyper-local mapping web app is delivered to mobile and desktop devices through meshed WiFi routers. In this way, Tidepools augment communication and civic awareness from the ground up, through modular, user-generated population of maps.

Current Activities(Get Involved!)

Recent News about Tidepools | Recent Changes | Tidepools Code | Tidepools.co

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