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Yaffmap - Yet another freifunk map

The live map (go to Germany to see the data).

AWMN - Athens Map


FreedomTower and Free Network Foundation

FreedomBox - Plug servers running secure communications software.

Battle Mesh

European event where mesh algorithms battle it out.

Quick Mesh Project

Meshing firmware for embedded systems.
Based on OpenWRT.
BMX6 is default, but includes OLSR and Babel as backup.

Project Byzantium

Live distro for easy meshing in disaster areas.
Includes Babel, OLSR and batman-adv. Default is Babel.
Based on Porteus Linux


Disaster relief mesh.
Which protocol does this use?

Open Technology Institute

In Washington D.C.
Part of the New America Foundation.
Currently uses OLSR; plans to support other algorithms as well.
Looking for people to build a mesh networking toolkit for disaster response.

Existing meshes


Throughout Vienna, ~500 devices
Funkfeuer has it's own server colocation center which is connected to the Vienna Internet Exchange (VIX) and runs on public IPv4 and v6 space.


Many places in Germany.
Unknown number of nodes, but one of the larger meshes.
List of maps


45 nodes in Afganistan
50 nodes in Kenya

Athens Wireless Metropolitan Network

In Athens, Greece and beyond: 110 km from North to South and 85 km from West to East
1120 backbone nodes (as of Aug, 2010) and more than 2900 client computers connect to it

510pen Oakland wifi mesh

Started by Mark Burdett

Google wifi

500 nodes covering 95% of 31 km^2.
Uses Tropos Networks MetroMesh routers.
Only three aggregation points (base stations).


Ben West
Not sure!



Line of sight 10 mbit full duplex optical link.

Zigbee Radios

ZigBee is a specification for a suite of high level communication protocols using small, low-power digital radios based on an IEEE 802 standard for personal area networks.

Mesh-Compatible Routers

Meshing protocols and algorithms

Performance Evaluation of BATMAN, DSR, OLSR Routing Protocols - A Review Sandhu and Sharma 2012.

  • Maximum Number of nodes with Maximum Mobility: OLSR > BATMAN > DSR
  • Maximum Number of nodes with Maximum Packet length: OLSR > DSR > BATMAN

An Experimental Comparison of Routing Protocols in Multi Hop Ad Hoc Networks Murray et al. 2010.

Real-world performance of current proactive multi-hop mesh protocols Abolhasan et al. 2009.


See the wikipedia article and the whitepaper...


Babel is a loop-avoiding distance-vector routing protocol for IPv6 and IPv4 with fast convergence properties.
Good for mobile nodes
High multi-hop bandwidth (higher than BATMAN and OLSR).
Fast route repair time (compared to BATMAN and OLSR) though still pretty sucky.
Route repair time: min 9 avg 14.4 max 19 seconds (Abolhasan 2009).


The Optimized Link State Routing Protocol.
More overhead than BATMAN.
Route repair time: min 46 avg 61.8 max 71 seconds (Abolhasan 2009).


Better approach to mobile ad-hock networking
Layer 2 BATMAN features broadcast and multicast support and optimization ref.
Route repair time: min 15 avg 31.5 max 61 seconds (Abolhasan 2009).


Hybrid Wireless Mesh Protocol
The default protocol for 802.11s


Layer 3.
Rewrite of batman fork.
Very little info on the site.
presentation by developer.


Still under active development, but no release yet (blog).
Does not support mobile nodes.
Layer 3.
Replaces DNS.
Supports up to 2^128 nodes.
Could be a good backbone for a worldwide mesh?
Author's master thesis: Scalable Mesh Networks and the Address Space Balancing problem
Italian Wired cover article about Netsukuku



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