14 March 2013

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Today I met with Angela Woodall, a reporter for the Oakland Tribune. She had just been at a UASI meeting, a Bay Area organization sponsored by the Department of Homeland Security. They've been working on http://72hours.org, an emergency response information toolkit which they intend to develop interactive apps for. She wanted to discuss a crisis response app idea she and Adam Stiles had pitched at Open Data Day, and I showed her some of the ongoing efforts, including Tidepools. She was extremely interested in 510pen and the concept of mesh networks more generally, and asked a lot of background questions for a potential story. We both were uncertain of the legality of the nodes set up thus far, and wanted to ensure we wouldn't be incriminating anyone before moving forward with a publication.

  • Has been covering drones for over a year.


  • UASI
    • Emergency planning, making a donation
  • Free wifi in SF - longtime effort to create free wifi access throughout SF
  • CityGov App
  • SNAP Mapper: mapping prices of food for places that accept SNAP food stamps.
  • Community Care
  • Bay Area Hacks & Hackers
  • Random Hacks of Kindness
  • Google Crisis Response
  • LPTHW Study Group (PyLadies SF) -Python Meetup starting in SF on the 24th
    • Lynn & Pamela
  • Alameda County Hackathon
  • Email Angela & Jonathan
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