21 February 2013

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Mark, Juul, Jenny, Bill, Miguel, Dres

Debrief from Saturday's field trip

  • Replaced router at the Bikery in San Antonio (1) and Matt's house in Fruitvale (2)
  • Installed new router at the Bikery's second location (in the same building as LOLspace) (3)
  • Scoped out the rooftop situation at the LOL/SOL building


Equipment Needs

  • Binoculars w/ built-in compass
  • Normal compasses if the above can't be procured
  • Tripods for mounting antennas
  • Wifi USB dongles
  • Wifi measuring device (from Ubiquiti)
  • Weather-resistent enclosures
  • Walkie talkies!


  • Wifi-based microwave interference detector
  • Ham certification gives you some privileges on the wifi frequencies (up to 50 watts!?)
  • Alameda island mesh network attempt: http://blog.gmane.org/gmane.network.wireless.alameda
  • We should assess wifi range in crappy weather conditions
  • Schools, libraries, city buildings

Needs Assessment

  • How much equipment can we procure from donations?
  • DD-WRT and OpenWRT compliance with various kinds of routers

Sudo Room Inventory

  • OpenMesh MR500
  • 1 Linksys WRT54GL v.1.1 (4 MB)
  • 2 Linksys WAP54G v.3.1 (2 MB)

Action Items

  • Research on outdoor weatherproof equipment
    • Jenny will talk to Commotion folks
  • Work on OpenITP proposal.
  • Work on proposal for OpenOakland / City of Oakland.
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