26 February 2013

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Today I met with Ed West, a co-founder of Hub Oakland. The Hub is an international network of coworking spaces geared toward local business incubation and social entrepreneurship. Hub Oakland will be opening its doors this fall, located two blocks from sudo room. They've been partnering with local businesses and are currently in the midst of putting together a crowdfunding campaign. Ed was eager to check out sudo room and spoke optimistically about future collaborations toward creating a better Oakland.

We toured sudo room and spoke briefly of our similarly-minded projects (Hylo and Mycelia) for enabling co-awareness of local resource economies, linking together projects in spaces such as coworking spaces and hackerspaces, respectively. The second half of our brief meeting was devoted to touring Hub Oakland's future space, as Ed described how it would transform over the next six months.

Hub Oakland is definitely another organizational node in the emerging map of Oakland grassroots coalitions I'm seeking to build.

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