28 February 2013

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  • Juul, Mark, Miguel, Jenny, John


  • See Click Fix - Reporting civic issues to Public Works
  • What sorts of things could we offer specifically as original contributions to mesh networking as an interconnected system?
  • Splash page: pops up if you're using HTTP (not HTTPS)
    • OaklandWiki, IndyBay / Oakland Local / Oakland North / other news blogs, Shoutbox / chat, Map / Tidepools
  • HTTPS issues: Make our own key-signing authority? - relevant to running applications
    • Free CA certificates from StartSSL
  • Set up mesh router at head level with antenna pointing up
  • Netstumbler
  • Marc shows off his tiny antenna and GNU Software Radio

Action Items

  • Tuesday Open Oakland Meeting??
    • Tangible prohject ideas: hardware? tidepools/city data visualizing?
  • Clear writeup of what mesh networking is and why it's important -
  • Testing with satellite dishes - in sudo room next week!
  • Juul will research binoculars and send info to Mark
  • Make stands for the satellites
  • Find more stuff that we need that we can ask for donations! eg; USB wifi adapters
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