6 March 2013

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Sent to Youth Movement Records via Online Contact Form

I am involved with an organization called OpenOakland, a voluntary collaboration of tech, community and city government whose main goal is to increase civic engagement thru technology. OpenOakland reached out to you during the election season to get you to sign a pledge for Open Government. I am pleased to see that you signed on.

Another project we worked on is City Camp, a day where city government, techies and community gathered together at City Hall to share ideas and collaborate. This was held in December and during that meeting there was a section concerning the Digital Divide. OpenOakland recognizes that there is a large segment of Oakland with low access to technology, particularly low-income people of color and youth.

The Digital Divide group has made the decision to not re-invent the wheel, but to connect organizations already doing great work. Many agencies are putting on awesome programs, in a vacuum, when it could be of great value to share and collaborate on projects in order to reach the maximum amount of the population and to share ideas. The OpenOakland Digital Divide group would like to be a hub for such organizations. We have already put together a small Digital Divide page on OaklandWiki. We have one for Youth Movement Records, which can be edited by your team to represent you as you prefer.

We would like to work with you, Youth Movement Records, and invite you to be a part of the OpenOakland Digital Divide collaborative! We would like to know two things..

1. Is Youth Movement Records interested in being a part of an Oakland Digital Divide collaborative?

2. Can we schedule a time for an outreach team to come and visit with you to learn more about Youth Movement Records and discuss what you would like to see happen to address Digital Divide and what your needs are?

If so, please let me know. We can discuss this further via phone (315.292.4656) or you, or someone, can come to one of our meetings to find out who we are and learn more about OpenOakland.

Our next meeting is tomorrow, March 7th, at sudo room at 7 pm.

Thanks for taking the time to read this. I hope to hear from you soon!


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