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Jenny Ryan <jenny at thepyre dot org>

Mar 19 (3 days ago) to Ricardo

We met a few weeks ago at LOLspace's 1 year anniversary event, and chatted briefly about sudo room (another East Bay hackerspace). I'm doing some work with the Open Technology Institute on an application called Tidepools, which facilitates hyperlocal mapping and open data integration.

I'm writing to ask about the mappable aspects of the work you're doing with the SELC. Here are a few pertinent organizations / communities I think would be great to integrate with a local map:

  • worker-owned coooperatives
  • CSAs and community gardens
  • cohousing communities

Would love your feedback on further additions to this list, and suggestions as to what sorts of data could be integrated on such a map (eg; prices of produce, public events..) if you have the time! It'd be great to collaborate with the SELC moving forward, and of course any developments would be open source and publicly available :-)

Cheers, Jenny Ryan

Ricardo Nuñez

Mar 19 (3 days ago)

to Yassi, Chris, Jenny Hi Jenny,

Thanks for getting in touch!

I'm CCing Yassi, our City Policies Program Director (who is working on car-sharing and shared housing) and Chris, our Development Director who deals with with Complimentary Currencies. They were actually talking about mapping this info yesterday!

I think it would be great to map out different co-ops, CSAs, community gardens, and other community supported enterprises. The housing is a little questionable, just because I would want the household's permission before we put their address on blast. Does that make sense?

I think there is a lot of overlap and collaboration we could do moving forward.

I don't know if you know about or, but how are the maps those maps different than the ones you envision?



Jenny Ryan <jenny at thepyre dot org>

2:28 PM (1 hour ago) to Ricardo, Yassi, Chris
Hi Ricardo!

Car sharing and complimentary currencies, oh my awesome! Nice to meet you, Yassi and Chris!

Thanks for linking to those maps - I was familiar with but not Community Commons. The core difference is that these maps are centralized and not open source, so the software can't be locally running, adapted and redesigned for the particular needs/desires of a city or neighborhood.

Some further context on the organization I'm currently working with: & where I'm at with my research:

I concur that privacy is a core need. What's great about decentralized networks is that you can build tools that have trust and privacy baked in to the p2p architecture, so creating maps built in a grassroots manner out of networks of trust.

Also key is being able to integrate one's own data, rather than relying on the data made available by the sites. Moving forward, one obvious collaboration is with the data being procured and cleaned up by the Open Oakland folks. Here's their current Knight Foundation proposal:

There's also a lot of excellent qualitative data being produced by Oakland Wiki, who've been doing weekly editathons around mapping themes like hackerspaces, intentional communities, and cooperatives.

What other sorts of things do you think would be important to map for SELC?

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