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Tidepools Overview

Tidepools is a re-skinnable, collaborative mobile mapping platform for gathering and sharing hyperlocal information and culture through expressive, community maps and data feeds, enabling greater connectivity and communication among neighbors and local organizations. More info on the community-driven design process with the Red Hook Initiative, in Brooklyn, NYC.

Tidepools bridges the digital and physical space of a neighborhood, storing its data on local servers and broadcasted over WiFi so it can run even without reliance on an Internet connection. It integrates location-specific civic data in situ, including real time transit notifications and community safety issues. Community members can share events, user-created map layers and landmarks, and other local temporal information, creating a historical geospatial community database.

Tidepools Tablet/Desktop Interface

This data hub interface allows for adding landmarks to the map, commenting (shout boxes), creating events, integrating APIs (such as bus time data and local sensors [weather, air quality, etc.]), and other data to neighborhood map layers. Eventually, this interface will also feature a user-friendly app creation tool and archived data exploring.

Tidepools Mobile Web Apps

These apps simplify adding / receiving / interacting with data from Tidepools.

  • Where's the B61 Bus? – Integrating MTA Bus Time API data to show the nearest, closest bus in the neighborhood.
  • Stop & Frisks - Reporting geo-located Stop & Frisks, based off a Red Hook Initiative (RHI) Questionnaire.
  • RHI/Status - Developed after Sandy for RHI, let's residents send reports by text message to a public map. Responders can monitor and respond to texts through Tidepools.

Feedback Request

Mobile Tidepools Interface

Please visit:

On your mobile device to test the wireframes. Please note:

  • The yellow boxes are where you can select
  • You may have to pinch zoom out a little on your mobile browser to fit the whole mobile screen
  • The yellow arrowed bars on the top and bottom of the home screen represent "scrolling" up and down
  • Icons + Graphics are TBD

The Purpose

The purpose of this interface is to create a mobile translation of the desktop/tablet Tidepools map interface, organize the Tidepools Mobile Web Apps, and display/add to user-generated data. The home screen lists important/nearby local apps and upcoming events in the area. The top left "list" button shows detailed descriptions/filtering of available apps. The top right "people" button shows combined or filtered shoutboxes/data feeds from apps, events, and landmarks. When selecting an app, event, or landmark, there's a shared navigation framework across these categories. This is broken down into:

  • Main Info / Interaction / Data input tab for this app, event, or landmark
  • Data feed tab showing updates / shoutbox from this app, event, or landmark
  • Map Layer tab showing geolocations of the data feed or a landmark's location

Our Questions for You

Does this overarching interaction framework make sense? Is it easy to understand and use? Does it tie back well into the desktop/tablet Tidepools map interface as a way to explore generated data and use apps?
Feedback, suggestions, etc. much appreciated:

or Tweet: @TidepoolsOTI


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