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- So all the paths through the UI are pretty clear and good. The one place I do get hung up on is the language of the UI. "All Apps" is missing a plain language cue that there's a filtering system there. The language in the Stop and Frisk app does it, speaking to the 'you'.

- The icon system you are using in the interface (pencil, speech bubble, map, also people and gear) is nice and universal. I get what each is right off. It is a really nice part of the design.

- I'm slightly disoriented by the two app screens, though I understand exactly why they are separate. I want them to be on the same screen somehow, but know that is a huge thing potentially. It feels like there are so many screens to flip through in the apps themselves that we should cut them a break in the overarching system:)

- It *kinda* feels the same as the other Tidepools app, but mostly in the map area. I'm not sure folks will get the link as it is right now. That icon system/bar in both places (similarly framed) would do it in a hot second, though.

If there's something specific that you want me to look at that I missed, I'm happy to help if you need me. Lemme know.


is very square looking though, and a lot of swiping to get to stuff

i would make it easier to get to the app menu without swiping back and forth so much

it also seems strange that the event/landmark is above all the apps - i would want to get to my apps directly

maybe a side swipe to the next app? so right now (i'm on my phone) and the landmark + app page comes up first - i would skip that and just have an app page come up first say the apps are in this order: Events, Stop & Frisk, Landmarks

so depending on the order i put my apps in, i can just keep scrolling sideways for new feed of various things without going back and forth

i agree - but omg remember the synchronous gps thing??? i'll want awareness, but i'll want to control it as a seperate feed thing

so it's not constantly pinging when i'm looking for my game or trying to check for something else

i'm thinking of side swiping like a kind of multi-tabbing idk - and then the features of friend/dropdown/weather/back can be a kind of "header"

so even if you make games for tidepools, you can have the 'header' above the game so you're being updated without pausing your game

mmm i'm just thinking like.. as more people add to this, you'll get like massive listings round about xmas and halloween and all that and people would bitch about why some events get featured and not theirs

yeah, but its naturally confined to a neighborhood area but very true but that status part at the top will also display neighborhood alerts too and other important stuff that is good to see scroll up to see upcoming events, down to see more apps

hmmm idk

trying to work in the confines of mobile webs

i would start with apps

web apps*

like a main app page and then swipe left for events swipe right so it's like reading a book depending on how your arrange your apps it'll show what will come first cos maybe some people don't want that event awareness and you can accomadate everyone if you left them curate how they want to view things so for your 'typical' setting' swipe left will automatically show you a feed of latest events swipe right will bring you to the next top piority app maybe for some people a bus schedule for other people the stop&frisk app and then the main app page acts like a contents page, they can rearrange the order according to their piority to view that would cut down the need for back/forth buttons too you could get away with just one button to get to the main page and the rest can be passive reads like weather and stuff <--- only 1 opinion; maybe other people will think differently its also cos i hate digging around for an app and all these touch screen stuff haven't really utilised the sidescrolling like ipads and itouch and even my phone

yeah, sidescrolling doesn't work so well on mobile web browsers yet

use the javascript hack for sidescroll it uses CSS3

ah cool

good points though, thank you so much !

i think it's under responsive CSS3 example they have one that fakes a bottom infinite scroll and another that fakes an infinite sidescroll

ooo awesome hmm so this design is for a non-personalized interface as in, no login required to get this app / event hybrid page something like that is a total javascript CS3 hack lol

i feel that side scroll can be used to access the same left and right button content but for now, both can be enabled hmm

i don't think you need logins anyway

yeah there aren't right now

but i think people would want to be able to chose how they want their apps to be displayed did you see this? fake dragging!

side scroll moves you to the next "page" or app-next-in-line that's how most people read anyway, so i don't think it'll be hard to pick up

btw i've also used this responsive css before can be reused for sidescroll and it also has a really nice bounce

maybe you can swipe left to access the app list, swipe right to run through all apps you have "open"




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