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Kabis Environmental Services (KES), Colorado’s Premier Radon Mitigation Environmental Services Company

According to the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), it is estimated that radon causes 21,000 united states deaths each year. This number is far greater than the volume of deaths brought on by driving under the influence or fire incidents. This information was extracted from the Centers for disease control and Prevention's 2005-2006 National Center for Injury Prevention and Control Report and 2006 National Safety Council Reports. Due to the seriousness and alarming numbers, the government is encouraging everyone to keep your family healthy and safe by conducting radon testing for your household.

What's radon?

Radon can be a "silent killing" odorless, colorless and tasteless radioactive gas from the review of uranium found underneath the soil and rocks of your property. Radon might be present in mid-air that you breathe as well as the water that you drink. In case you are someone who smokes and you've got an advanced of radon at home, your risk of developing united states is incredibly high.

How safe and healthy would it be inside your home?

If you haven't checked your house for radon, the optimum time to make it happen is. Today, there are numerous ways to search for radon at your residence. It can be done yourself with radon test kits that are fairly inexpensive and easy to follow. But, should you be purchasing a home, you can definitely find it useful and wise to combine the help out of your local home inspector. A local home inspector that is certified in radon testing are capable of doing your home inspection and additional the service of radon testing. You'll save money when combining services and you will have expert knowledge from the certified inspector.

Suppose You'll find High Concentrations Of Radon Within my House?

It is simple. If you find out which you have high degrees of radon in your house, you want to do something over it. You can protect yourself from radon if you know the actual way it climbs into your property. Because radon is escaping through the soil and rocks, it really is trying to disperse in to the atmosphere. Normally, radon doesn't affect us if it is combined with an enormous atmosphere of oxygen, fractional co2 and nitrogen. However, when radon gas is trapped or enclosed, it is concentrated and dangerous towards the body of a human. So, if radon gas is escaping through the rocks and soil into the home, nevertheless hasn't escaped in to a safe atmosphere. Therefore, it is possible to prevent radon from engaging in your breathing air by installing a vent pipe and extracting the radon gas away from your home. This is what's called the sub-slab depressurization. So you realize, no, you are unable to seal your home good enough to ensure that radon doesn't leak in. According to the EPA, it isn't really efficient at preventing radon gas from getting into your property.

Radon has been seen as in areas which have a top degrees of granite concentration. But, it has already been found in locations with not much granite. Therefore, it is critical to be aware and approach radon testing with a case-by-case examination. You undoubtedly can't predict where high numbers of radon might be lurking. So, protect your family's health insurance be sure that your home doesn't get to be the place where radon gas gets trapped as it is wanting to get away from the rocks and soil beneath.

Our clients are a partnership with two environmental professionals on the helm. Tom Kabis comes with a MS in Environmental Science, JD and 43 years of experience. Stephen Sewalk, PhD in Civil Engineering, JD and experience of construction and environmental engineering. We opened KES because we have been concerned that RADON mitigation and testing companies operating in Colorado are testing improperly and installing RADON mitigation systems improperly. In short, from the hundred mitigation systems inspected fewer than 20% are installed properly as well as less are operating optimally. Demand a free inspection and evaluation; fair and honest. Radon, occurring naturally from the degradation (radiation) of Uranium, can be a Silent Killer and also the #2 reason behind lung cancer. Keep the family safe with honest reliable professionals.

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