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CBR Machine Equipping Methods

The dynamic evaluation of CBR (calculation of the California Bearing Ratio) is performed in the lab on ground samples in which the optimum grain dimensions are 22 mm, and the proportion of the over-sizing product, typically, does not surpass 50%. This examination can be used as an alternative to the CBR static test depending on the Examination Specification for Soil and Rocky Soils in Road Construction. Firstly, due to the unimportant time expenses, it's used as an express test method within the framework of self-control when managing the process of production of mineral mixtures from metallurgical slags. One benefit over the CBR examination according to standards is the deficiency of a load frame and a corresponding static load device. Look at the best way to equip a CBR machine in this post.

The dynamic coefficient of CBR is a complex indicator of bearing capacity, which depends on the strength, form of grains, frost opposition and roughness of individual grains; particle size distribution, the content of fine fractions, moisture and the degree of compaction of a combination of mineral substances. It's used, as an example, to find out frost sensitivity or to assess the suitability of vehicles for travel, as well as the compaction and bearing capacity of the applied mineral mixtures.

The dynamic CBR test can be used an alternative to the static CBR evaluation depending on the Examination Specification for Soil and Rocky Soils in Road Construction of California. First of all, due to its minor time expenses, it is used as an express evaluation method within the framework of self-control in controlling the production process of mineral mixtures. An advantage over the CBR test is the deficiency of a load frame and a matching static load device (pressure test unit).

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