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How to Create a Mandala on Silk Using Effective Silk Painting Approaches

Have you ever felt interested in mandalas, then you are in good company when camping. I'm a silk artist and also have spent earlier times Many years painting mandala art on silk, creating my very own personal style and imagery with vibrant colours. This art form is also very therapeutic and will many applications in neuro-scientific healing. You could possibly know that mandalas are fantastic aids for meditation and relaxation and thus this article explains to you the way you may earn your individual personalised mandala on silk with the very purpose.

First of all you will want some blank silk and a simple frame. You can buy your hair a small amount of habotai or pongee silk at your local craft store or on the web and 4 lengths of wood to nail together in the simple fashion to produce a square frame. It is possible to attach the silk for the frame with a couple drawing pins.

Buy - special liner inside a tube to create the line design for your mandala for the silk. This will act as a barrier for your silk paints and provides the look form. I'd advise getting little tubs of perhaps red, yellow, blue and perhaps a purple and black silk paint. Ask in the shop for these paints. With this starter selection you are able to mix the majority of colours you would want to have to your mandala. You iron the dried fabric from the reverse and this fixes the paints in to the silk.

Be sure you possess a few clean watercolour brushes to color your colours to the silk along with a deep palette to combine colours in.

So now you might be basically going to utilize liner to generate a line drawing of the mandala and you will probably make use of the paints afterwards within the lines in the event the liner has thoroughly dried. It's kind of like colouring in but considerably more creative.

To start with give your silk a quick wash to eliminate any gummy seracin from the silk worms or another chemicals that could currently have to the fabric. Next stretch it onto the silk , nor be worried to tug about the fabric. It ought to be really taut. Let it sit now a lttle bit to dry.

You then are likely to apply your line mandala. You can trace by way of a mandala design you might have designed for this purpose, or simply draw one freehand on the silk. It is best to mark the centre and draw a couple of concentric lines as a guide for your mandala artwork.

Now take the tube of liner and slowly and thoroughly either trace along the lines of enter you might have placed under the silk or will draw freehand around the fabric.

Leave your completed design to dry overnight and iron from your reverse next day. You can now colour within your design while using the silk paints. Allow your imagination go wild. Be creative.

Again leave your artwork to fully dry and when it is, iron your silk from your reverse to repair the colors.

Your mandala painting is now able to hang.

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